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Robert Seamans: AI and the Economy

In this episode Bella Jia, an undergraduate at Duke Kunshan University, and I interview Robert Seamans, an Associate Professor of Management and …


Fiery Cushman: Moral Luck

In this episode Zhang Yiming and I interview Fiery Cushman, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, on the logic of …


Alexandra Plakias: Meta-ethics

In this episode Feng Xiaoqiang and I interview Alexandra Plakias, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Hamilton College, on meta-ethics and experimental philosophy. …


Michael Tye: Consciousness

In this episode we interview Michael Tye, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin, on the nature of consciousness.


Stephen Finlay: Oughts and Ends

In this episode we interview Stephen Finlay, Professor of Philosophy at University of Southern California, on his paper ‘Oughts and Ends’.