Ethics and Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being deployed in public and private settings. In recent years it’s found its way, under the ‘machine learning’ label, into a variety of applications which include facial recognition algorithms used at Microsoft, autonomous cars (and weapon systems) developed by Google, and risk assessment tools used in domains as diverse as predictive policing and loan approval. In fact, every time you use your cell phone, do a web search, or ‘like’ something on Facebook, AI applications are covertly, tirelessly, and often opaquely, carrying out a variety of activities that will help them dynamically adapt to you and your information.

What ethical issues arise out of these kinds of AI applications? Are there important individual and societal consequences? Should the development of AI be regulated?

This web resource is being developed to help address these issues. We hope that the essays and interviews collected here will not only educate but move the debates forward in new and interesting ways.